I decided to go without HVAC maintenance

I am a strong believer in keeping the temperatures in my home just right, just for my comfort.

I’m really the only one in my family that feels that way, except for maybe my brother.

Most of my family doesn’t really care about the heating and cooling unit, and they rarely have anything to do with it! This boggles my mind, because I would go crazy if I didn’t have things exactly the way I have currently in my house. My brother understands because he is a HVAC professional, so he gets my dilemma, as he deals with similar people on a daily basis. Well, usually I am on top of all things HVAC related. This includes HVAC maintenance, HVAC repair and any new technology I hear about, I like to get installed. However, I was running a little short on money this year, and even though it was spring and I should have gotten HVAC maintenance, I decided against it. The reason for this is because when I had my HVAC specialist brother over a few months ago, he looked over the cooling system for me, and told me it was working very well and in near perfect condition. This made me very happy to hear, and to know that I was taking such good care of my HVAC device. Anyways, with that in mind, I decided to go against getting HVAC service this year, I really need to save money. My brother was amazed when he heard this, as he knows how addicted I am to my HVAC machine. I just hope the one time I don’t get maintenance is the one time my A/C fails me.

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