HVAC heat pump delivers amazing versatility

Growing up in the south, one develops a real affinity for HVAC cooling. The reason should be fairly obvious but I’ll state it anyway. Where I live, the HVAC cooling starts popping on in March and it doesn’t really stop cooling until November. That’s an awful lot of HVAC cooling indeed. Yet, it’s the four month period during the summer that is the most challenging. And it’s the period that the HVAC heat pump gets the most rigorous workload. Fortunately, the HVAC heat pump is up to the task and designed to be just the heating & cooling machine for this area. The heat pump is really interesting because it’s not just pumping in cool air from some can. No the process of cooling the air in the home starts with removing the heat energy from within the house. That sounds sort of weird but it’s definitely the innovative part of this heating & cooling invention. The refrigerant in the HVAC is able to extract that heat energy and then exhaust outside through the those fins on the HVAC cabinet outside. And it’s also able to extract a bunch of moisture while it’s performing this function. That keeps the humidity level balanced inside our homes which mitigates mold & mildew. And when it’s time to heat the home, the versatility of the heat pump really comes into play. All we have to do is flip the thermostat setting from cooling to heating. What the heat pump does is reverse the refrigerant flow which now extracts heat energy from the outside air and delivers it inside. And the heat pump can do this without supplemental heat to temperatures in the forties. It’s truly a remarkable machine.

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