High velocity heating and cooling is a whole-home solution

My husband and I are the owners of a historical home. Because of the age of the structure, it is not equipped with conventional ductwork. Due to the nature of architecture, we aren’t able to install a duct system. For several years we were stuck with noisy window air conditioners and ineffective baseboard heaters. These options detracted from aesthetics, blocked views from the windows and were inefficient. Plus, the house was often uncomfortable. I finally did some research into heating and cooling options and came across high-velocity systems. This creative solution was developed around thirty years ago and eliminates the need to tear down walls for the sake of bulky air ducts. The system utilizes flexible mini ducts that can be routed through existing spaces within walls, floors and ceilings. We were able to implement a centralized heating and cooling system without causing damage or dealing with a huge renovation project. We now have precise control over temperature in every room of the house. The vents are much smaller than a conventional system and blend right into the decor. The high-velocity system uses a process called aspiration. The air enters the room at a very high speed, creating a gentle suction and drawing the room’s air into the stream. This provides draft-free comfort and quickly raises and lowers room temperature. The temperature from floor to ceiling doesn’t vary more than two degrees from the thermostat setting. The mini ducts are wrapped and insulated to prevent air loss and are far more energy efficient than traditional ductwork. Plus, this style of air handler removes up to 30% more humidity than a more conventional cooling system.

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