Benefits of VRF technology

I’m able to make adjustments through an app on my smartphone

I just recently learned about variable refrigerant flow or VRF technology for heating and cooling commercial properties. The reason I became interested in this type of system was because of the ability to customize temperature in multiple zones. Not only does the system allow independent settings for each separate space but it provides extremely efficient comfort. The combination of variable-speed compressors and fan motors, internal subcooling and expansion valve modulation offers outstanding efficiency levels and cost savings. Having a unit in each room lets me heat or cool those rooms that are occupied, which saves energy. There’s also the benefit of comfort catered to needs of the space and personal preference. I especially appreciate the capacity for heat recovery. I can cool and heat simultaneously. Plus, heat that is pulled out of an air conditioned space can be repurposed to heat another area. VRF systems further offer a modular design that can be very easily modified and expanded to meet the needs of a growing or changing business. The operation is quite both outside and inside the building. The equipment doesn’t require a great deal of space and because of long lengths, there’s a lot of freedom in location. I was able to choose from quite a few indoor unit styles to suit aesthetics and state-of-the-art control simplify system management. I’m able to make adjustments through an app on my smartphone. I have been impressed with how well the VRF system handles both extreme heat and humidity as well as severe cold. It is a cost-saving and convenient year round solution to temperature control.

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