Bad experience with furnace repair

I recently had to call for a furnace repair, and it was a horrible experience.

I should have taken the time to read customer reviews before choosing an HVAC contractor.

It would have been smart to verify whether or not this company was in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. I didn’t even check to see if their technicians were NATE-certified. I simply scheduled with the first company that showed up on my google search for heating repair in my local area. I was thankful to get an appointment the following day. I took the day off from work in order to meet the technician at nine o’clock in the morning. I then waited for him to show up. When he was over an hour late, I finally called the company to find out what was going on. They told me the technician was running late but had no information on when he might make it to my house. This prevented me from running errands or starting a project. The technician arrived three hours late for the appointment. He wasn’t dressed in uniform, and he tracked dirt and snow through my house. My furnace was still operational but making a very strange noise. The technician wasn’t interested in my explanation of the problem. He took the heating unit completely apart and then presented me with an extremely high estimate for repairs. He told me it would be less expensive to buy a new furnace. I was quite sure there was only a minor issue with the heating system. When I refused to go ahead with the service, he put the furnace back together and left very quickly. I then discovered that the heating system was no longer in working order. Since the outside temperature was twenty-four degrees, I was forced to pay overtime fees to get another professional to the house right away. This time, I was much more careful about the company I hired.


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