Air purifier works to improve indoor air quality

Because of the recent scare and lifestyle changes due to covid, my family is spending a lot more time at home.

  • My husband and I are now working from home.

The kids have finally gone back to school but only for three days per week. Rather than leave the house to run a bunch of errands, I’m handling issues and ordering supplies entirely online. In our local area, the weather is very unpredictable and often severe. We don’t get many opportunities to open the windows and enjoy fresh air. Due to extreme winter cold and summer heat, we’re very reliant on the furnace and air conditioner. Heating and cooling account for approximately fifty percent of our household energy usage. I am very conscientious about trimming our monthly costs. I’ve taken all sorts of precautions to reduce energy waste. We have new Energy Star windows and exterior doors installed, and I’ve taken the time to caulk, weatherstrip and insulate. I’ve managed to eliminate those areas where heated and cooled air tend to escape. However, I’ve also minimized natural ventilation. With no fresh air coming in, the house became stale and stuffy. Smells, dust and other contaminants were trapped inside. Despite annual maintenance, the air conditioner and furnace add to the concerns, circulating allergens throughout the home. Just recently, I asked a licensed HVAC contractor for suggestions on how to improve indoor air quality. The technician recommended an in-duct air purifier that both traps and kills everything from dander to viruses and fungus. The air purifier eliminates contaminants far smaller than the eye can see, operates silently and requires only annual maintenance.

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