You want to look like you care

I periodically can’t even understand what I am getting paid to do what I do. I mean I’m making a living just living our passion each day. My partners and I turned our personal interests into a thriving business. But the lovely people I was with and I are still working on considering ourselves professional business owners. And that is an important distinction. It has a lot to do with respect. A woman in this supplier business needs to promote a professional image in order to be taken seriously. If you look highly unorganized, it’s likely that your customers will see that as a problem. This is something the handful people I was with and I had to deal with in our shop. Initially, the people I was with and I genuinely didn’t have any sort of commercial cleaning service. It just wasn’t something that was considered. The two of us figured the people I was with and I could do the same old basic janitorial service ourselves. I mean how hard could it be to empty the trash and regularly do the carpet cleaning. That was the wrong way to look at it as I would come to learn. Having a nice, clean, organized supplier space is essential to being considered professional in the industry. And while the people I was with and I were all still so surprised that the people I was with and I were already making a living from our personal passions, the people I was with and I clearly had to project a more professional appearance. I decided to call a commercial cleaning supplier immediately. Being our own cleaning lady was not working at all. Now, I walk into a more professional environment every single day.


Commercial floor cleaner

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