Who needs zone control

If you have multiple occupants in a home, I recommend zone control.

My husband and I have four boys and my mother lives with me.

Six people in one house is extremely crowded and lots of opinions are being thrown around. Temperature control is always a hot topic with anyone. Nobody likes the same temperature. My mother is going through menopause and always wants the AC system on. My husband is always freezing cold and wants to have the heater running. My boys all love to find reasons to fight and it would be too easy to make the thermostat the reason. Instead of one thermostat and a central HVAC unit, I went with a ductless model. I have a ductless mini split with multiple indoor air handlers in the home. Every room in the house has a unit and thermostat. Every one of my sons can control their bedroom thermostat the way they want. My mother has her own room where she can crank the AC. My husband can enjoy heating in the living room and I will use AC in the kitchen while I cook. Not only does this promote whole home harmony, but it is good for the energy bills. I am not paying to heat and cool unused rooms. I also save in the winter since my mother wants heating and in the summer because my husband doesn’t want cooling. Everybody is happy and the system is in good shape. Zoned HVAC systems are just so much better and more convenient. A larger household really should always come with it.

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