My mother kicks butt at jumping rope

My mother is intense about jump roping now.

She has figured out that it is an amazing cardio workout.

She bought herself a jump rope mat and has three levels of ropes. There is a thin rope she uses for quick pace jumping, a medium rope to practice her skills and a heavy rope to build arm muscles. My mother is like a machine when she jumps. She can jump rope for an entire hour without hardly stopping. Occasionally she will take a sip of water and immediately go back at it. My mother can do all sorts of tricks like hopping on one foot, turning, running, kicking and even the scary double jump. It has taken her a few months to get to that point in her jumping routine. I figured since I am 25 years younger than her I would easily be able to do everything. I figured I would have to lie on how quickly I could do the tricks and how long I could jump. Well the joke is on me because I am just terrible. I can only jump solid for a single song which is around three to four minutes. After that I am so sweaty and tired that my workout is a bust. I stretch and then just want to lay on the mat. I no longer do a pre jump in between but I am nowhere near doing tricks. I can’t imagine kicking my legs or doing a double jump. My mother is so much better and more conditioned to jump roping it is embarrassing.

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