My daughter Mia went to Mardi Gras plus had body art done.

Many women were getting their t-shirts ‘painted’ on.

If I had known what our daughter Mia was planning, I would not have let her out of the home that weekend. She plus her neighbors were all planning on going away for a weekend. There were several of them, plus they were all stoked to get away. They said they wanted to go to Mardi Gras. I remembered going down to Mardi Gras with our friends when I was eighteen plus it was something I will never forget. So I thought it was all good fun as long as they stuck together plus didn’t get into the back alleys. They were continually sending myself and others pictures plus it brought up a lot of memories. On the minute day, Mia called myself and others plus asked if she had some body art done. To me, body art was tattoos or piercings. I told her that she could not do anything that would mark her body. Mia explained that all the women wanted to get painted. I didn’t see much harm in getting painted. I thought that this was a harmless bit of body art. Had I thought a bit harder, then I would have remembered some of the body art every one of us saw when every one of us were doing at Mardi Gras. Many women were getting their t-shirts ‘painted’ on. They were virtually naked from the waist up. The paint covered them so well, that they looked as if they were wearing skin-slender shirts. I was entirely frustrated when I saw the pictures they had taken of their body art. What could I say, since I remember being eighteen plus having a tight body? Mia said It was all good, clean fun, plus I believed her.

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