Loving what yoga has done for my life

It is so surprising to me that I am now so into being peaceful and balanced.

  • That is just not an avenue that I thought would ever appeal to me.

I’ve always been about movement, excitement and doing things big. That’s why when my personal trainer added yoga to my workout program I thought she was kidding me. Turns out that she knew far more than I did how beneficial yoga would be for me. The health and fitness center I belong to has an inhouse yoga studio. I’ve noticed it plenty of times but never ventured inside. When it came to my workout program, I was interested in movement and sweat. I thought yoga was all melodic music and posing. It just didn’t hit me as serious exercise. Then my personal trainer put yoga in my workout program and the rest is history. The first class was a beginners class. We learned some basic postures and practiced for about a 45 minute session. When I was done, I didn’t feel that endorphin rush that I normally got after a hard workout. In its place, I had this feeling of calm that was so different. When I went home, that feeling stuck with me. And that nights sleep was one of the best I have ever had. Waking up in the morning, I was surprised to feel muscle groups that I had not used before. My body had definitely gotten a workout. Now, yoga is part of my daily life. Whether in a class at the health and wellness center or at home on my own, yoga has given my life a most welcome perspective.

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