I need the HVAC business operational again

COVID has made it difficult for quite a few things and made other stuff better. Going to the vet was always hard on my cat. He would get super scared, mean and wouldn’t want to go in his carrier. I now can do virtual vet appointments. My cat can sleep on his bed while I talk to the vet and do what he wants me to. It is way easier on everyone. My birth control gets sent in the mail rather than me taking a day off work to go to the lady doctor. I can get groceries delivered and no longer waste my time in the store. A con is that my HVAC business still isn’t coming in person. I can’t really do a virtual HVAC consultation. I want my heating and cooling system cleaned, oiled and tightened. A lot of HVAC companies are still operational. They are just wearing suits, goggles and sanitizing their tools before and after the job. I have a local, family run business that is taking a break. The town HVAC dealer is basically out on vacation. My system can’t go that long without a tune up. I think my HVAC company believes COVID will blow over and things will be back to normal. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. I hate contacting their competition and a bigger company, but I might need to. How long can heating and cooling equipment run dirty? I don’t want to have a repair show up because I didn’t get it cleaned.

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