I might not need ductless HVAC now

I recently figured out that my backyard shed isn’t insulated.

For a long time I would just freeze to death anytime I wanted to work on projects.

I figured I needed to add a heater to the space in order to work all year long. Thankfully I looked into the walls and ceiling before purchasing my heater. I noticed the lack of insulation and now my shed is getting a facelift. I replaced the windows for new ones that fit tight in the frames. I tore down the walls to add insulation in them and the ceiling. Now that my space is totally airtight, it is not that cold anymore. Am I totally comfortable? Not really. Before my insulation project I was thinking of adding a ductless mini split. I figured I needed a powerful heating system to keep me warm and most likely would want AC in the summer. Now that the shed isn’t too bad on temperature control, I think a simple space heater will do the trick. I think one small, electric heater and perhaps a window air conditioner in the summer will be good enough. If I go a year and I am not totally happy with the level of heating and air conditioning, then I will call a HVAC dealer and get ductless installation. I really hope it doesn’t come to that though. I just replaced my walls, sanded and painted over them. The mini split installation would require a hole being drilled right in my hard work. It would be kind of ugly having a big unit on the wall too.

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