I enjoy the workouts that I do

I would say 90% of the time I enjoy the workouts I do.

I work out to minimize the size of the bread basket I carry in my lower tummy.

I also work to look toned rather than thin. For me getting into exercising wasn’t all that difficult. As a kid I did gymnastics two days a week. In college I would still drive to my lesson and keep up with it. As an adult, I now tumble seven days a week. As you get older, your body isn’t as flexible. I should be worse than I was as a kid. Since I practice daily and work on all my skills, I am so much better. As an older woman I am way more focused on making corrections and getting my legs perfectly straight and toes pointed. I still do a lesson with my same teacher just to make sure I don’t develop bad habits. A lot of people complain about going to the gym and working out. For me, I just love it. I am doing a sport that I really enjoy. As an adult, there aren’t very many things we can work on continually. As a kid you are constantly perfectly yourself at a sport, instrument or at a skill in the classroom. As you get older, there is less learning. I like having goals and working to achieve them. I like seeing how far my body can go at my age. I have achieved gymnastic tricks I never thought possible for someone my age. I stay physically fit because I really do enjoy working out.

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