Giving our granddaughter the family she deserves

My sister’s son was a drug addict who was spending more time in jail than he was out.

His daughter had to live with her Grandparents. For several years, my sister raised her granddaughter as her own. Every time he got out of jail, he wreaked havoc with his daughter’s psyche. She was torn about what he was saying about getting her back and that they would live together. After he ended up in jail several times, and broke her heart, she asked my sister if she would adopt her. She was a smart young lady, and she said she wanted to tell her friends in school that she lived with her parents instead of hiding that her daddy was in jail all the time. The last time he went to jail, my sister sought a family law firm and asked what she could do. The first thing she did was to get full legal custody. This gave some security to her granddaughter. She didn’t need to worry about her daddy getting out of jail and threatening to take her away. Then she was ready to file for adoption. He was in state prison for a ten-year sentence. The family lawyer could prove that he was not mentally capable of being a parent. He said it was in the best interest of the child to be a part of a family. Her family lawyer was fantastic and was able to get the papers through that made my sister and her husband, the adopted parents of their granddaughter. She told me she thought family law was just for getting people to pay child support.

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