Experience at favourite joint ruined by failed a/c

Occasionally, I love to take some friends and family out to have a great meal at a favorite diner.

There is this 1 time that everything seemed to go totally wrong.

Being in our favorite arena to eat, I never quite understood what was going at first. It took a friend of mine to mention that the arena was a bit hotter than usual, but knowing how great the food is, I felt that this was a non-issue that the people I was with and I could easily overlook. Unfortunately, I have never been more errant. The boiling spicy food made it even worse. Both of us were covered in sweat and could not relax and prefer the meal. I had no other option but to call the employer and inquire about these drastic conditions. It turns out that their cooling method was temporarily out of order. Never before had I imagined that a slight malfunction of the Heating, Ventilation & A/C could trigger such intense discomfort. A respected a/c method is a must-have in any diner or eaterie. The toxic fumes from the living room and the heat generated by the people gathered can be overwhelming. While all the people I was with and I stayed on with the promise that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor was busy working on it and soon got better, the heat ruined our entire dining experience. Both of us wound up taking too much water to cool ourselves down and still left before the a/c repair providers were done with the repair. The food may be excellent, but never rest down in a diner when the cooling methods malfunction, at least not when you want to prefer the food served. After all, no 1 wants to get all sweaty and sticky even after having a sumptuous meal.


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