Changing to higher quality air filters has knocked down my allergies by two fold

They’re rated to collect 99.9% of all airborne microbial particles

It’s hard not to love the autumn season, especially if you live in a northern region. The leaves start changing colors in September, becoming a gorgeous gradient of amber hues and orange swirls. You also get a noticeable transition from hot winter heat into cool fall temperatures. As much as I love this time each year, once the leaves hit the ground they grow mold. By late October, those beautiful leaves have gotten the ground and get so moldy that the spores release into the air. For someone with severe allergies like myself, this is a recipe for disaster. These KN-95 masks I bought to protect myself from COVID actually block mold spores and other harmful micro-particles. This gets me through the day when I’m out at work or running errands, but I needed a solution for my house so I’m not wearing a mask every minute of the day. My heating and cooling technician explained to me that a better filter would accomplish the same thing as my masks, but it would clean all of the indoor air in my house. Before upgrading to a whole-house UV light air purifier, he suggested that I simply order HEPA rated air filters. They’re rated to collect 99.9% of all airborne microbial particles. If you leave your air recirculating with one of these inside your air return, it slowly pulls any harmful mold spores from out of the air with each cycle. After 20 minutes of having the air filter inside my HVAC system, I was already noticing a huge decline in my allergy symptoms and breathing troubles.

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