We had to pay a pretty penny for a new heat pump

Always hire professionals to do certain jobs in your home to avoid paying hefty bills.

This is a lesson we had to learn the hard way last summer.

We had been away all winter, and came home at the beginning of spring. There was so much to do including cleaning so we could make the house comfortable. My spouse and I pride ourselves at being quite handy. This means we usually take care of repairs at home and don’t pay money for experts. While this works well for things like a broken chair, or when the house needs insulation, it’s not the best for devices such as heat pumps. But, we didn’t know this at the time and had to learn an expensive lesson. What happened, you might be asking. Well, we were getting toward the end of spring, so the days were getting warmer. We saw it fit to turn on the heat pumps in those days that were quite warm. On day 4, the unit failed, and my spouse decided to take a look and try to fix it. That was a mistake because nothing he did made it work. So, we had to cut our losses and contact an HVAC business in the area. They sent an HVAC technician who did an inspection and said we had to buy a new heat pump. The one we had wouldn’t run again since my spouse had messed up a few crucial parts. So, we had no choice but to pay a pretty penny for a new heat pump.


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