We couldn't locate the furnace in the house

My sibling plus On the weekend, my friend and I attended every Open House we came across.

My amiable companion and I would examine various objects in the home while taking notes.

My companion and I knew what we desired and did not desire in a home. Because my friend and I were too young to buy a house, I’m not sure if we ever signed the guest book, but we weren’t kicked out for not doing so. For both of us, a single residence stood out. It was an old clapboard home, but it still had a lot of character, and the foundation was in good condition. In addition to the clean interior, the roof was new. The only issue my friend and I had with the residence was that we could not locate the heater. My companion and I searched the basement and garage, but there was no furnace to inspect. My friend and I asked the realtor who was hosting the open house, and she said there was a formal Heating and Air Conditioning listing, but she hadn’t listed the home. Simply, she was “house sitting.” I knew I would never purchase a residence that lacked a heater. Every residence required heating and cooling. I did not know a single family who did not want heating and air conditioning in their home, but I did not know the family selling this home. After a thorough search of the residence, my friend and I discovered only a fireplace in the living room and an old wood stove in the dining room as potential food sources. My sibling and I found it odd that they believed they did not need or want heating in the study room.


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