The heat melted our chocolate

On my way home from school, I thought it would be considerate of me to bring my brother some chocolate bars.

I knew what his favorite chocolate was, and I could only purchase it from a chocolatier located ten miles from school but nearly thirty miles from my residence.

I stuffed three chocolate bars into my bag and then drove the remaining distance to my residence. Everything was going smoothly until my heating and air conditioning unit broke. Instead of bringing three chocolate bars into the house, I brought three pools of melted chocolate and froze them. The lack of air conditioning prevented the chocolate from melting in the car. Despite the fact that my younger brother found it amusing, I found it to be exhausting. The bear on the front of the chocolate bar would be hidden from his view. My parents considered my brother to be a change-of-life child. I was twenty-one years old, and he was just three. I didn’t mind that I spoiled him rotten. I was more comparable to an aunt or surrogate mother than an enormous sibling. Without air conditioning, I refused to take him on a ride with me in the car. I told him that as soon as the Heating and Air Conditioning system was repaired and I had air conditioning, I would take him on a long ride. My amusing companion and I would buy ice cream. He asked if my friend and I could ride the train, and I responded that I would gladly accompany him. I only needed to locate a repair shop with a Heating and Air Conditioning technician, and I would be set.


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