The heat caused our chocolate to melt

I thought I’d be nice and bring some chocolate bars home to my brother on my way home from university.

I knew what his favorite chocolate was, and I could only get it at a chocolatier ten miles from the university but nearly thirty miles from home.

I stuffed three chocolate bars into my bag and drove the remainder of the way home. Everything was fine until my heating and cooling system failed. Instead of bringing three chocolate bars into the house, I brought three melted puddles of chocolate into the house and placed them in the freezer. There was no air conditioning in the car, so the chocolate melted. Although my younger brother found it amusing, I felt bad about it. He was not going to notice the bear on the front of the chocolate bar. My brother was a life-changing baby for my parents. I was twenty-one years old, and he was three. I didn’t mind that I spoiled him rotten. I was more of a surrogate mother or aunt than a demanding sibling. He wanted to go for a ride in the car with me, but without air conditioning, I wouldn’t take him. I promised him a long ride once the Heating and Air Conditioning system was repaired and I had an air conditioner. My friend and I would go out and get some ice cream. He asked if we could take the train, and I told him I would gladly take him. All I had to do was find a repair shop with a Heating and Air Conditioning mechanic, and I’d be good to go.


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