Taking a new client through new heating technology basics

I like curious clients.

The ones who take time to engage with the HVAC technician because it works in the best interests of their HVAC equipment.

My new clients are new to the town, and they found out that the central heater and boiler in their home were damaged on the first night after they moved in. They had not bothered to check how well the heating and cooling system functioned before moving in because the realtor had promised everything was up to standard. We are the only heating technology business in the local area, so we work with close to all the homes that still need their HVAC repairman sourced from the closest town. The new clients required us to assess whether heater or boiler repair was possible. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and they needed to replace the entire unit. I recommended that they install an electric furnace instead of upgrading the existing options. They could not afford new equipment, and a furnace/heater tune-up was not possible, so that they couldn’t stretch the lifespan of the older units. The heating and cooling provider company I worked at offered them a discount and an installment payment method to make it more affordable. Further luck for them is that the realtor company that sold the house to them agreed to foot the installation and equipment purchase cost. The only thing they’d buy later, on their terms, was the furnace filter for all the times they’d need to wash or replace it without involving the heating contractor. When we were installing the new unit, the clients did not leave; they stayed around asking questions about what we were doing and what would be expected of them to ensure they didn’t damage it.

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