A well-functioning heating and cooling unit saves you money

It’s been a challenging couple of months, and I think a recession is imminent.

  • Even on the news they keep talking about inflation and the price of things increasing at a speedy rate.

I remember some time back $1000 in groceries would last us a month, and now it’s only for two weeks. We knew with the pandemic, there would be a shift in the economy. And we just hope the government takes steps to make sure inflation doesn’t get out of control. My spouse and I are lucky we work in the so-called recession proof industries. But, we still feel the pinch of the rising cost of living across the country. We have been trying our best to save, and not spend too much money paying bills. One area of focus has been the heating and cooling bills. The price of gas and electricity is higher than it was in 2019, so we have been paying more to heat and cool our home. While there’s not much we can do about these energy prices, we can make sure our HVAC system is energy efficient. For instance, we always make sure we contact an HVAC worker to come and service the unit on time before summer and winter. A well-functioning heating and cooling unit saves you money since it’s energy efficient. We also made it a point to install a smart thermostat which has been a game changer. Now, we only have the unit running when we need it and not 24/7. These tips and many more continue to help us control our heating and cooling bills at home.
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