She should have kept her hands off the thermostat

It was my fault for letting Jenny stay here in the first place.

She is my sister, but she is also a wild child.

She has gotten into trouble with the law more than once, so I knew it was a risk to let her crash on my couch. On the other hand, it was my sister, so how could I tell her no and make her live in her car? For the first few days everything stayed nice and calm. Jenny was on her best behavior, even if she did a few little things to bug me. For example, she kept messing around with the settings on my thermostat. Jenny always liked being cold, and was known to run the air conditioning day and night. In her house that was okay, but this was my house and I didn’t want to run the A/C so much. After that Jenny tried to be sneaky, and only changed the thermostat setting while I was out of the house. She got lazy, however, and forgot to move the climate control back to the normal setting before I returned from work, so we had a huge argument about that. I told Jenny it wasn’t about the cost of running the A/C a little more, it was a matter of respect. Me asking her to leave the thermostat alone was a very simple request, and when she ignored that it showed that she didn’t respect me. I told her if she put her hands on the thermostat one more time I would kick her out and she could go live in her car.



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