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I convinced our brother that it was a great idea

My brother and I started our eating system repair company 30 years ago and now it has turned into one of the most recognizable names in heating and cooling throughout the country. We’ve done things the same for 30 years and that is why we are still in business. We offer wonderful rates and affordable services with excellent buyer service specialists that are certified and educated. Some of our guys are even Nate certified. My brother and I decided to contact a corporation last year to help us with our online marketing. We have not been legitimately successful with the online part of our business, because we have never honestly focused on the website. We thought an online marketing corporation might help us with that. The guy from the marketing corporation had a ton of ideas, including completely renewing our website with a lot more features and interactive chat options. I thought that was a great idea. My brother was distraught that the online chat possibilities would keep people from calling us. If we answer too many questions, we would not get any of the easy to repair calls. I convinced our brother that it was a great idea. The better customer service we offered to our purchasers, the more likely they were to remember our name and call us when there was an emergency. It’s worked out enjoyable for us for the last 30 years. It should work out great for our kids for 30 more as long as we continue to focus on making sure to supply the best buyer service, affordable rates, and quality repairs and replacements.


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