I was unaware that the air ducts were so filthy

I should start paying more attention to my air ducts.

That was a problem because if I had known how filthy my air ducts were, I would have had them cleaned out much sooner.

My air ducts were probably much dirtier than I realized. I didn’t attribute any of the issues I was having with my heating and cooling system to anything involving my airbox, instead, I assumed they were caused by the fact that my air conditioning system was dated and old. I assumed the poor indoor air quality was a result of the fact that you really needed repairs made to it. I didn’t have a cooling technician tell me that there was nothing wrong with the air conditioning system until I made an appointment with my neighborhood heating and air company. Because I wasn’t maintaining my air ducts properly, I simply had poor indoor air quality. I asked what he advised, and he said that I should have my air ducts thoroughly cleaned. He then asked if I would like to have that done the same day, and I agreed. I might as well finish everything in a single day if I’m already having him tune up everything. He hurried up there to clean my air ducts, and I was shocked to see how filthy they were. I can’t believe I’ve tolerated filthy air ducts for this long! Sincerity be damned, he was serious, and those things looked like they had never even been cleaned. I didn’t notice a significant improvement in my indoor air quality after the cleaning was finished.


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