I wanted one Heating plus A/C dealer; not multiple.

I looked at the younger man kneeling behind him

Last week, I called the Heating plus A/C corporation. I wanted to have the air conditioner component tested. They provided myself and others a date and time, and reminded myself and others they had a several-hour window for arrival. I knew all about the several-hour window. I just wanted to make sure I knew the date so I could provide a heads-up to our boss! Since the time was late day, I was going to take a full-day off for personal time. On the day the Heating plus A/C company was to arrive, I was cleaning our house. He got there shortly after the arrival time. I watched the Heating plus A/C service van pull into our driveway and was heading to the door when I heard many doors closed. I looked outside and saw many Heating plus A/C companys getting out of the service van. I knew how luxurious it was to have one Heating plus A/C company come to the house, and there was no way I was going to spend money for many of them. They had better have a nice reason for sending many men, or I was going to throw a hissy fit, and when the Heating plus A/C company came to the door; he showed myself and others his Heating plus A/C ID badge. I looked at the younger man kneeling behind him. The older man introduced him and said he was an apprentice. They brought him along to do the air conditioner component service, and all the older Heating plus A/C company had to do was watch him to make sure the Heating plus A/C company did it right. I smiled, however asked who I was supposed to pay? He said I only paid for one Heating plus A/C company, however I was fortunate and got multiple.

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