I hear commercials for the HVAC companies

Traditional heating and air conditioning systems can last around 10 or 15 years with officially busy repair, then regularly busy repair includes cleaning and servicing all of the heating and A/C parts, did you think that the average life cycle of a geothermal furnace comes with a 50-year warranty? There are a lot of benefits to adding a geothermal heat pump to your home.

  • They are seriously energy efficient to operate.

These systems do not produce greenhouse gases and they lower the amount of air pollution. They also have a legitimately low demand on your electricity. That means it’s not going to cost a fortune every week to run the geothermal heat pump. A geothermal heat pump is also clean and safe to operate. It does not contain any flammable fuels. Geothermal heat pumps can also be used to heat the water in your home. With so many different benefits, it’s no wonder that people in this part of the country are turning to geothermal heating options. Every time I go to work during the day, I spend about 45 minutes in our car. I hear commercials for geothermal heating and cooling companies at least five or six times. I know the jingle for every single one of the commercial contracting companies. I looked into geothermal heating for our own home and the costs were significant. There was legitimately no way that I could come up with that much money up front. The corporation offered to give me a financing package, although I don’t know if my wife and I will even live in the home for another fifty years.

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