Enjoying the fireplace in our new house

The fireplace in our new house is one of my favorites.

This fireplace wasn’t included with our house, but I specifically sought to have it installed because I’ve always wanted one and think they look so lovely.

But as I was considering various fireplaces for my house, it was challenging to choose one because there were so many options available. The traditional wood-burning fireplace came first, followed by the gas fireplace and then the electric fireplace. I had the benefits and drawbacks that went along with them, so it wasn’t always simple to choose which one would be best for me and my particular circumstance. The only way I could have learned this information was by conducting extensive research to determine which options would be the most attractive, warmest, and most affordable for me. Although I thought gas fireplaces were the most attractive, I didn’t want them because I thought they might be a little dangerous. A traditional fireplace appealed to me, but I also liked the idea of an electric fireplace, which is more contemporary. In the end, I chose an electric fireplace because it was both portable and a good middle ground between a traditional fireplace and a gas fireplace. The entire process of having it added to my home is simpler than I anticipated. Although it wasn’t as easy as, say, installing your own DIY thermostat, I would still need to hire a pro to complete the task, it wasn’t particularly challenging either. Despite having bought the fireplace, I haven’t yet installed it. Next Thursday is my appointment for insulation.


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