Do you want the truth, or the furnace story?

Being an HVAC technician means I can get into a lot of dicey situations‌.

I have run into situations where people are told their pets need to be put away before the HVAC technician arrives. Most of them comply, but when those pets are snakes, rat, or other pesky critters, they sometimes forget. I have had a snake crawl up my pants leg. There was an enormous hairy spider on my back, and it hissed at me when I tried to flick it off. One guy had a pig in the house, and he never caged it. Imagine how you would feel if a pig charged you as you walked into the house. His tusks were blunt, but he knocked me on my butt. He weighed almost as much as I did. Last week, I walked into a house and went into the basement to fix a furnace. I thought it looked like a normal house until I got downstairs. There were plastic containers filled with cockroaches all over the place. If there is one bug I can’t stand, it is cockroaches. My uncle’s house used to be invaded by them. I walked in one afternoon to see them crawling all over the dining table where he was eating, and I never went back. I called the exterminator and hoped he could rid my uncle’s house of the roaches, and spray me to make sure I wasn’t carrying them. I screamed when I saw the cages of cockroaches and they were hissing. I backed up and caught my leg on a nail and ripped a huge gash in my leg. If the techs wanted to know what happened; I would ask if they want the truth or a good furnace story?

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