They works at this local business doing energy work

Don and Bob are running the timer right now and they have an hour to get their work done for the morning and after that they’re going to take a little nap.

Don and Bob will then do their yoga and go to the beach to train with friends.

It has been freezing out lately and they feel like staying in the condo and keeping warm. They are supposed to play music tonight, but with the windchill reaching to well below freezing, they find it in our best interest to stay inside where it is warm. Their pals’ fireplace sounds enticing tomorrow and they may go over to their flat to play some chess and stay warm in the weather controlled flat for the night. These are nice people and Bob and Don have known them for years and they have been great friends since them. The friends works at this local supplier doing energy work and they love to talk with them as they are all Heating & Air Conditioning reps and have a lot to talk about with the new things going on in the heating & a/c technology field. Don and Bob love them but they’re keeping them in the friend zone because they feel like a better fit is going to enter their lives in the near future. They will wipe their heating component this month after their yoga session and they are also going to buy a new washable HEPA filter at the local Heating & Air Conditioning corporation. They are having sales on everything right now in hopes of drumming up more suppliers so they can stay afloat.


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