For my office building, better HVAC equipment would be beneficial

My boss’s company has been operating from the same location since the 1940s.

Since it was initially built as an office building with offices from a former hotel on every floor, it has undergone a number of renovations.

On the one hand, having a job so close to home makes it convenient for me to commute by bicycle on days when the weather is cooperative. However, the structure requires a lot of work, particularly in the area of insulation. Every year, the winters in this region are extremely cold. As autumn approaches, get ready because winter temperatures like to catch you off guard. An unexpected blizzard that ushers in a long winter is followed by a week of pleasant, mild weather with highs in the 50s and 60s. Unfortunately, there is room for improvement in the heating and cooling of the building that houses the company owned by my boss. Right now, the six to twelve month long winter always makes me freeze. My boss has given me permission to use a space heater in my cubicle if the outside temperature is below zero, but I am not allowed to use it if the outside temperature is above 35 degrees. In the summer, it can get quite warm. Fortunately, the air conditioner works better than the heating system, so in the summer I don’t need a portable air conditioner to keep cool in my cubicle. The building’s owner should be convinced to upgrade the HVAC system, or my boss should be able to start leasing space in a new building somewhere else in town.

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