She didn’t have any heating

This is actually a good thing because I like to sleep in a colder room.

I shut the vents in the room myself so that there is no central heating warmth coming into the room, especially when I am sleeping as I tend to be a hot sleeper due to my crazy fast metabolism.

I opened the window in the bedroom so it gets even colder in there, and last night seemed to be the perfect temp after doing so. I like having natural climate control, like that of good old Mother Nature, and opening the window seems to work just fine. I am here in the States for three weeks, feeling a bit lost because I don’t live here anymore, but still trying to keep my spirits up as much as I can while I am here. I would like to make a fire in the fireplace later and watch the flames dance around while I snuggle next to the little weiner dog she has as a pet. He is like 15 years old now, missing most of his teeth and has a bad back, but he still wants to be loved and I am here for the job. They got the dog a long time ago from a local contractor at the HVAC company and he was supposed to be a companion to their other dog. Well, sad to say, the other dog went out back a few years ago to the lake and was taken by an alligator. I think this new contractor near them has another dog for them when this one is gone. Sad but true story.

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