I want my Dad to have a Merry Christmas.

My sister and I keep in very close contact. Ever since I got shipped overseas, our little sister Bev video chats to myself and others at least once every week. If she has any concerns with boys, or if there is something she needs to believe for school, she’ll video chat with me! Lucky for Bev I don’t have a lady friend, or she would be out of fortune getting in touch with me. Last week, Bev called me and was aggravated. She told myself and others that Dad and dad were having a particularly strenuous time right now. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker told them they needed a more current gas furnace, and they couldn’t afford one. They went to the bank, but they were already overextended with loans for her to go to school. I told Bev to relax, and I would do whatever I could. I didn’t want Dad and dad to get another bank loan, and I was already hatching a program to get a current gas furnace for them. I told Bev I would call her back in 2 hours, and be sure to be by the computer. I called a local Heating and Air Conditioning company as soon as I hung up and asked if there was anything the people I was with and I could do? I was able to order a more current gas furnace and they were going to let myself and others make payments for the following year. All I asked was that they tell Dad and dad I said Merry Christmas. I called Bev back and told her to call the Heating and Air Conditioning company and tell them what kind of gas furnace Dad and dad had and be around when the current gas furnace was installed. Together, the 3 of them had a great Christmas present sitting in the basement, several afternoons later.

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