There are terrible coworkers at my HVAC job

I enjoyed being an actual heating and air conditioning serviceman, but I had a problem with a single of our coworkers, and for the first five years I worked at the heating and air conditioning dealer, I had been having a real good time… I work for an amazing boss, and he is legitimate to everyone; when they brought modern heating and air conditioning servicemen into the dealer, both of us took them under our wing, and last week, he introduced us to the newest heating and air conditioning serviceman.

  • I took an instant dislike to the newbie, but I didn’t think why.

I tried to give modern tech some instruction, but I was simply ignored! One afternoon, I walked into the boss’s office and told him what was happening. I said I couldn’t work with the kid, and I was going crazy. I saw the smirk and I asked what was so funny? He told himself and others the ‘kid’ wasn’t going anywhere, and he commanded me to work with her, but as I was walking out the door, he called out for myself and others to turn around… And he told myself and others she was not a kid, however a twenty-five-year-old woman who was an excellent heating and air conditioning serviceman, and she was also his daughter. He gave myself and others no option however to work with her and teach her the ropes at this job. I had to admit she was an excellent heating and air conditioning serviceman who needed little instruction. I didn’t need to admit that I was drawn to her, and that was what was making myself and others uncomfortable. I hope she never turns that smile on herself and others she gives the other guys. I’d be lost, and could remember what I was supposed to be doing, and service an A/C component instead of a gas furnace.

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