Our child felt like she was adopted

My child was tall plus lanky, sort of like her mother.

She never believed that she wasn’t adopted.

She had her orange hair plus orange eyes plus they were both stubborn when they wanted something. Right now, my child wanted me to tell her she was adopted, plus I wouldn’t. She said she constantly felt as though she differed from the rest of the family, plus she was sure she had to have been adopted. I laughed at her plus said we all feel that way every so often! After telling me I didn’t understand, she walked away, and the next day, she tried to convince me to tell her I was easily the child of the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional. I told her she was being deranged plus I didn’t want to hear any more of her nonsense. She stomped out of the home office plus went to her study room. I knew being a teenager was pretty hard, but this was outrageous. Did she easily believe I was going to tell her she had a father other than her dad? After a week of her nonsense, I asked why she felt different. She said that all the ladies in her class wanted to do something extremely girly when they grew up. She wanted to be a lawyer, dentist, or a Heating plus Air Conditioning device professional. She was squeamish with blood, or dirt, plus she didn’t mind being around dirtbags. I rolled my eyes at her plus she laughed. She asked if she was to become a Heating plus Air Conditioning device professional; would I be mad at her? I told her my own mother was a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional, plus she worked with many ladies. Why would I be mad? Up until then, she had forgotten her Grandmother was a Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, plus she was abruptly happy once more.



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