My usual tech apparently isn’t very good

For years my family told me that I needed to get a different heating and cooling repair shop to come look at my indoor air temperature control system, but I didn’t listen. They told me time and time again that something wasn’t right with my heating and cooling system – the furnace, AC unit, thermostat, or duct work was always being called into question when I had guests come over to stay. I could never figure out why everyone had such a scrutinous eye out for my own indoor air temperature control system, to be honest. I thought that the heating and cooling devices were working just fine. I adjusted the thermostat, and the indoor air temperature generally followed in the same direction. SOmetimes it took hours or days for those temperature changes to be apparent, but eventually I always got the indoor air quality that I was looking for. I didn’t see what was wrong with my choice of heating and cooling technician, to be honest. And then I had a certified air temperature control specialist come out to the house. It turns out, I never had a real HVAC repairman at all. The guy I used to hire was actually a general contractor, he just happened to have known a thing or two about heating and cooling machinery on the side. He would come out to tell me his best guess about the temperature control machinery and roughly put together some sort of solution. Then I’d wait to see if the heating and cooling repair made things better or not. A good deal of the time, he would make my indoor air temperature worse. These days I have a REAL certified heating and cooling tech… and I have to admit that my family was right.


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