I liked hanging out at lake house with my boyfriend

My lady and I have only been dating for a couple of weeks.

Some of our dates have included going out to lunch and the films.

We went to a museum once on a Saturday and we spent the morning at the beach on a Sunday. We never honestly hung out at lake house until this past weekend. My lady said that I should come over to her apartment and we would spend the whole weekend enjoying films. I was honestly feeling a little bit sad about our weekend, but my lady was great about the whole experience, and on Friday night, we ordered some pizza and we watched a rom-com from the ’77s. We had some candy, soda, and snacks. After the sunlight went down, the temperature started to get colder and I thought that my lady would turn on the heater. She did not mind that it was cold. It easily felt enjoy the air conditioning was running, even though I did not want to say anything about the un-even temperatures. The next morning I woke up and it was still frigid in the house and it was only 46° outside. I enjoy hanging out at lake house with my girl, even though I wish it was a little bit warmer. I did not want to say anything about the indoor un-even temperatures, because I did not want to complain about the control unit. If we spend a lot of time together at her arena, eventually I will have to admit that I appreciate the indoor un-even temperatures to be warmer. I would have turned on the gas furnace a long time ago.

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