I found out about the affair the hard way

I really don’t believe that anything is a coincidence.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if it is something good or bad. We have a path that is already forged for us and we will be led in the right direction no matter which forks we end up taking. I was with my ex-girlfriend for 6 years. I thought we were happy. We were living in a house together that was in my name, but we were both paying the mortgage and considered the place to be ours. We were talking about having kids and getting married. Then one day everything changed when I found her at a hotel with someone else. I was working for a commercial heating and AC repair service. The owner of the hotel called the commercial heating and AC repair service where I work. The hotel is easily 45 minutes away from the commercial heating and a receipt repair service. The only reason the owner of the hotel called us is because we were the first result on the internet and the regular guy was already booked for the day. It was odd for me to be in that hotel. I was in the lobby talking to the manager about the heating and AC repair when I saw my ex-girlfriend with her arms all over some guy. They were sitting in the bar having a drink. My girlfriend was supposed to be at work, but she was dressed like she had a hot date. I didn’t say anything at the hotel, because of my job. We talked later that night.


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