HVAC work is great besides my coworkers

He gave myself and others no option however to work with him and teach him the ropes.

I loved being an actual heating and A/C professional, however I had a concern with a single of our coworkers, but for the first 5 years I worked at the heating and A/C company, I had been having a great time… But I work for an amazing boss, and he is fair to all the people; when they brought new heating and A/C professionals into the company, both of us took them under our wing. Last week, he introduced us to the newest heating and A/C professional. I took an instant dislike to the newbie, however I didn’t guess why. I tried to provide the new tech some instruction, however I was ignored; one afternoon, I walked into the boss’s office and told him what was happening. I said I couldn’t work with the kid, and I was going crazy. I saw the smirk and I asked what was so hilarious? He told myself and others the ‘kid’ wasn’t going somewhere, and he recommended I work with her; as I was walking out the door, he called out for myself and others to turn around, and he told myself and others he was not a kid, however a twenty-5-year-old man who was an excellent heating and A/C professional, and he was also his offspring. He gave myself and others no option however to work with him and teach him the ropes. I had to disclose he was an excellent heating and A/C professional who needed little instruction. I didn’t need to disclose that I was drawn to her, and that was what was making myself and others uncomfortable. I hope he never turns that smile on himself and others he gives the other guys. I’d be lost, and forget what I was supposed to be doing, and maintain an AC unit instead of an oil furnace.

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