The screwdriver moved and came back to hit me in the face

My friend and I were working on the car together and I ended up taking a screwdriver to the face, and the two of us were working under the car when the accident happened… I was using the screwdriver and I needed a lot of torque. I was entirely trying to loosen up the screw and the screwdriver slipped off and came back to hit me in the face. I busted my lip and broke my front tooth; Half of my front tooth was quickly missing and I needed to find an emergency dental clinic. I called the locale where I always tied up nurse appointments, but they did not offer emergency services and it was already 8:00 p.m. at evening. I entirely did not want to wait until the next afternoon, because I was in a lot of pain! When I contacted the emergency dental clinic, I found out that they were going to charge a lot of fees to help me out with the tooth. They requested waiting until the next afternoon if I could bear the pain, but my insurance covered all of the fees when I went to my respected nurse provider the next afternoon, so I waited. I took a couple of pain relieving tablets and I laid down. I tried to sleep, although I was uncomfortable and I had a weird and funny feeling inside of my mouth. I did not sleep easily much at all and it was 1 of the most uncomfortable and painful evenings of sleep that I have ever had. I was so excited to get the tooth fixed the next afternoon.


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