Seems nobody wants to be opened during this holiday

Today is a holiday referred to as the Day of the Dead here on the Spanish Coast.

It’s the day after Halloween plus they essentially take the day off to remember all those people who have passed away. Most of the local suppliers are closed this week plus it is pretty much just a day of relaxation plus celebration, plus most of the beaches are terribly packed right now with tourists trying to get a tan. I definitely need to go down to the cooling corp plus grab a filter for my AC machine plus then I’m going to go to the local business, if it is open, plus see if I can get some cream for my shoulders to control the pain. I need to get my shoulders better because I have a very substantial commercial HVAC task coming up in a week plus I need to do a pretty good amount of lifting plus moving of heavy HVAC machines. I will have help from other people however I will still have to do a huge amount of the lifting myself, so I need to make sure my shoulders are powerful plus ready to go, but we have some large heat pumps that we have to lift up to the ceiling plus they are heavy so I’m going to have to do a lot of shoulder task that day, plus I sincerely hope that my shoulders are ready for all of this HVAC task coming up because my boss is most definitely counting on me. I just hope that this local business is open so I can actually get the cream for my shoulders this week.

Heat pump installation

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