Problems With the Sewage Pipe About Six Feet From our Shack

I grew up in the city with city water and plumbing and when I flush the toilet or run the faucet, water was coming from the street.

All of the sewage and waste was going down into the gutters and to the water treatment plant.

When I bought a small place in the country, I was not prepared for the plumbing issues that would occur. I had a septic tank, well, and water pump, and anytime there were issues with the septic, I had to call a plumbing company. Thankfully our sibling works as a full-time plumber and the guy has absolutely saved me thousands of dollars since I bought this site. One of the greatest troubles turned out to be an issue with the sewage pipe and it was a problem nearly four yards from our home. I helped our sibling dig up the yard so both of us could find the blockage, and it turned out to be a bunch of sludge and baby diapers. The people I was with and I didn’t have a baby in the house, so we all knew that the diapers were there from the previous homeowner. I’ve never seen such a disgusting mess in my life, but I was very thankful to have our sibling there to help. A professional plumbing company would have absolutely charged me $2,000 or more for the same exact job that our sibling and I completed together for nothing. I wish I had another sibling that was a motorcar mechanic as I have some repairs that need to be completed and I suppose it’s going to cost $1,340. So it would be great to have someone in the family that could help with our cars too.

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