My sister Flo had the heater blasting\

When I went to visit my sister Flo recently, I grimaced when I walked into her home.

Flo keeps the heating plan cranked up to high temperatures.

I mean, sure it was frosty outside, but I just went from deeply frosty weather to an incredibly overheated environment. I was covered in sweat within moments & I asked Flo if she could adjust the temperature control settings. She looked at myself and others & laughed. Flo said it was way too frosty & she didn’t want to have to cover up with a blanket. So basically, when I was in the visit, I had to suffer. When I looked at the thermostat, Flo yelled at myself and others saying that I better not mess with the temperature control settings. I just glanced at the thermostat & saw she had it set to 85 degrees! Who wants such a high temperature in their home, I mean seriously! I kept trying to convince Flo that it was too hot & she was wasting currency. I told Flo that her energy bills were going to be through the roof, but this didn’t budge her, not even a little bit. Flo said if I was feeling too overheated, I was welcome to take a frosty shower or I could wear a wet towel over my head. Surprisingly, that was a wonderful idea & so I was hanging out with a frosty cold towel over my head the whole visit pretty much. Flo would laugh at myself and others from time to time, but I didn’t care because at least it made me a bit more comfortable.
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