Visiting our Grandparents only to discover their gas furnace was broken

I went to visit our Grandparents recently.

They live back in our hometown.

I grew up in the north where the winters are brutal and it’s pretty much cold for about 8 months out of the year. My Grandparents have been used to this sort of weather conditions pretty much their whole life. Anyway, it was just before Christmas when I came to visit them. Mom would also stop in to say hello a few times while I was there. When I stepped through the threshold of their doorway, the last thing that I expected to discover was that it was cold inside. I thought that it would be nice and toasty inside, and there would be something bubbling on the stove for breakfast just love all the times I visited during the Wintertide growing up. Both Grandma and Grandpa were bundled up in various layers of clothing. When Grandpa shook our hand it was cold cold and covered in grease. He had been slaving away in an attempt to get the gas furnace to work, but grandpa was consistently a handyman, but this seems love a job that was beyond his knowledge. Grandma mentioned that he had been stubborn about calling an Heating and A/C serviceman. Now with both myself and others and Grandma urging him, he finally decided to make the call. Grandpa comes from a time when a man knew how to labor with his hands, and admitting that he did not have what it took to repair his own gas furnace hurt his pride. However, both of us desperately needed heat, so I was thankful that the Heating and A/C serviceman was coming out the following afternoon. In the meantime, both of us had to use space gas oil furnaces in the dining rooms and keep the fire going in the fireplace in the residing room. Still, there was a certain feeling of coziness and nostalgia to that first night spent with our dear Grandparents.

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