Might be a bit obsessed with saving on HVAC cooling costs

I have this weird habit of really getting into something that I might have taken completely for granted the week before.

It has to be annoying to live with.

And my wife is a saint anyway for partnering up with me in this life. However, when it came to saving on HVAC cooling, I was interested only in that I hated what I was paying for central air conditioning in my home. But that was the key element that finally got me off my rump and proactive. For years, I’ve lived right here where the summer is a blast furnace of heat. It’s intense heat and you sure don’t want to be eating a sandwich at high noon in this sort of heat in August. But I have to say that I’m finding such satisfaction enjoying my sandwich inside the HVAC cooling of my house. And that’s because I didn’t have to turn on any sort of heat to make it. This is how far I have come in just a few years of going after air conditioning savings. I hang out my laundry during the day instead of heating up the house or burning up the energy to run the dryer. Not only do I get the air conditioning tune up in the spring from the HVAC technician, I have gone deeper. Of course, I’m also doing the basics like sealing up my house really tight. And I make sure the shades are pulled on the side of the house that gets the direct sunlight heating. But then there’s stuff like cooking our proteins on the grill so it doesn’t heat up the house. There are so many ways to save!

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