Local contractors have really great marketing strategies

I’ve always noticed that local contractors in my area have the best marketing strategies.

It’s so easy to identify a heating and cooling company.

Most technicians drive branded trucks and vans so you can always spot them on the road or when they are working in your neighborhood. They also pretty much always wear branded shirts so even if you see them in the coffee shop, you know exactly what heating and cooling company they work for. I was online the other day and started to receive ads for heating and cooling companies in my local area, so it’s great to see them getting into the digital advertising space as well! Some of the old school technicians stick with printing ads, such as newspapers, magazines, and even bus ads. Regardless of the type, I definitely feel like contractors know exactly how to market their business. Anytime I need an A/C repair, it’s not very difficult for me to find a qualified professional! The last time I needed help, I actually ran into a contractor at the grocery store who offered me a free consultation on the spot. It’s great to connect with people in your neighborhood like that. You never really know what kind of information or discount you may get in return. It turned out this guy’s daughter goes to the same school as my son, so we got them together for a play date. Next thing you know, he and I are on a date! We are now dating and our kids have so much fun playing together. It’s crazy how things come together like that.



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