I’m the one controlling my HVAC thermostat again

Isn’t it amazing what you start to remember after you leave a drawback situation? You get so tied up in the circumstances that you forget there is another way to exist, and you start to accept your own yearly misery as being the inescapable correct of living; and then you break free and learn to start living again, this has been our experience lately as it relates to leaving a horrible relationship… But I was an hour-class citizen in our own home, and had no control over even the most basic circumstances… I love our heating and cooling system; my partner insisted that she knew about indoor air quality control devices better than I ever could, and she had worked as a local heating, cooling, and air quality control professional apprentice for one summer time in middle school.

After that, she was convinced that she was the master of all gas furnaces and air conditioning units.

She knew more than anybody else about control units, ductworks, and the official way to maintain your entire heating, ventilation and A/C system. This meant that I was not able to touch our heating and cooling equipment..… Down to the control unit. The temperature control device was completely off limits to me. I had to live in the temperature control settings that she was most comfortable with in her tyrannical control. I spent the last several years shivering in abundant AC or dissatisfactory heating, finally, I left that jerk a few months ago. There have been various points of relief, however the control device has given myself and others a whole new lease on life. I can easily manage our own temperature control settings these afternoons, and even better – the heating, ventilation and A/C plan is easily scrubbed because I pay a real heating, ventilation and A/C professional to service it.

Heating and cooling equipment

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