I’m cool and dry this August thanks to great comfort from the heat pump

This has been yet again a prolific summer for heat and humidity.

But I can pretty much count on that pair for any summer really.

Since I was a kid, the summers have been the heat season for me. So many of our neighbors to the north have to deal with a cold season during the winter. It’s so tough up there that they have to rely upon a gas furnace or a boiler or whatever to stay warm. We don’t have that here as the heat pump is pretty much quiet all winter. There might be a time or two where the plants have to come in and we have to crank the HVAC heating. But we pay for it with heat season. And again, it’s the last week of August but I’m cool and dry inside my house thanks to the great central air conditioning in our home. Well really, it’s really more about the residential HVAC. That would be the heat pump. That heat pump is what keeps us cool. And it’s a strange thing that something called a heat pump is responsible for all the HVAC cooling we get. But it’s actually a really accurate name for that sort of HVAC technology. The heat pump is describing it’s main function in the cooling process. The heat pump is actually moving the heat energy out of the house in order to allow the cooler air to take it’s place. That’s the revolutionary HVAC technology of the heat pump. But it also serves the purpose of checking the humidity level as well. As part of the process of moving that heat energy outside, the humidity level gets balanced as well.

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