I care about that I’m a homeowner and have my own Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit

It finally happened and before I’m forty even. I wasn’t so sure that I’d ever be a homeowner. It seemed appreciate I had to get married or something to be able to pool our currency on a downpayment so both of us could own the heating and cooling device in a house. That wasn’t so appealing to me as I’m a bit of a loner. And really, the program that I had to have a girl to be able to appreciate quality heating and air just rubbed me the wrong way. So I just kept on saving. I kept on saving and finally, I had enough to put down on a starter home. But of course, the heating and cooling was a mess as was the rest of the house. Yet, it was either own a lake house and repair it up or keep writing a check each month for rent in a location where I knew the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C stunk. So I went for it and am happily in the middle of a mess. That’s okay because I’m just rolling with it. The fact that I’m writing a check each month that goes toward building equity doesn’t hurt either. And the fact that I am a brand new owner of a ductless multi chop program sure makes it comfortable in this location. I may have a lot more stuff to work on and complications to solve but heating and cooling isn’t a single of them. I’ve got that covered with the ductless heat pumps. And I’m blissful with the way these things work. This location has some seriously nice quality heating and air and I did it on my own. This is my condo and I’m the homeowner. No guys necessary thanks.


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